The Faber-Castell brand logo is known and recognized all over the world: two jousting knights in dark green. But where did this emblem come from? Until 1898, the company was owned by the Faber family and was known as A.W.

Faber, then Ottilie von Faber, the heir to the business, married Count Alexander zu Castell-Rüdenhausen. But her grandfather Lothar von Faber had stipulated in his will that the name Faber should remain in the company for all time.

And so, they changed their surname to Faber-Castell. In 1905 Count Alexander brought out a new range of top-quality pencils, which he called Castell. To distinguish them from his competitors, Count Alexander chose his regimental colour for the paint.

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The “Design” series, with its purist and functional language of form, has become an elementary building block in the Faber-Castell range. The series is aimed at satisfying the needs of demanding consumers, and the elegant products are particularly suitable as presents. The unmistakable visual feature, recurring like a common thread, is wood: it symbolizes the company’s world-wide core competence.

  • Design pencils, UFO sharpener and eraser

    The Design pencils have convincingly unusual looks and feel. Whether the non-slip grip zones are ribbed or with little ‘bumps’, the discretely contrasting colours make all these pencils an eye-catcher. They are complemented by a useful and handy duo: the squat UFO sharpener made of solid aluminium fits comfortably in the hand and sharpens neatly, thanks to the precisely adjusted
    quality blade. The UFO eraser made of PVC-free plastic is equally good for fine rubbing-out.

  • UFO perfect pencil

    Writing, sharpening, and erasing in one: that is what the Perfect Pencil provides. The black or reddish brown pencil with a black eraser comes with a protective cap made of matt aluminium that acts as a pencil extender and also contains a sharpener. So the pocket pencil in the Design range offers everything one needs for writing, sketching, or making notes.

  • Ondoro

    The unusual contours of this design are the first thing you notice – and just as you would expect, Ondoro gives every piece of writing a very personal touch!
    Framed by chrome-plated metal parts, the hexagonal barrel of high-gloss precious resin shows off straight lines to their best effect. Ondoro also sits wonderfully comfortably in the hand. Jotting down notes and thoughts has never been so smooth and easy.

  • Ambition

    The clean lines and selected materials of these slim writing implements make an excellent impression. They are distinguished by clear-cut visual design combined with professional functionalism. The variant with a barrel made of brushed stainless steel is rounded off with a nose and end piece of gleaming chrome-plated metal. The same cool material neatly complements the models made of black synthetic material, which form an interesting contrast to the natural character of the versions made of coconut and pear wood.

  • e-motion synthetic / e-motion wood

    The elegant e-motion line, with its striking cigar-shaped silhouette, changes its guise every year. Sometimes the bulbous barrel appears in warm natural wood, sometimes with a barrel made of superior synthetic material in a variety of colours and textures. There is the elegant crocodile or parquet pattern in ivory, brown, or black; or the clean lines of the rhombus pattern, also laser-finished. The metal caps and end pieces contrast effectively with the various barrels.

  • TWICE and Trio

    A pencil is ideal for making sketches and notes, while a ballpoint pen is perfect for signatures. TWICE combines two in one: one minute it is a pencil, and the next it is transformed into a ballpoint. Simply twist the grip zone to convert the multifunctional tool into the writing implement you need. Both are a joy to write with.
    There is even a perfect solution for palm and pocket PC users: TRIO Metal. This multifunctional tool contains not only a pencil lead and b allpoint refill but also a stylus, making it ideal for use with pocket-sized touchscreens!

  • LOOM

    Writing implements of the LOOM series are characterised by luminous colours and an puristic elegance. This modern trio, consisting of a propelling pencil, propelling ballpoint pen and roller-ball pen, captivates with a conical shape and the high-contrast interplay of matt and gloss effects. “Metallic” will add a colourful highlight to your college writing pad or desk: apart from the matte grey of the shaft and handle piece, the metallic gloss of blue, purple, orange and silver adds some pulsating luminosity. “Piano” embodies classical elegance and a fascinating lifestyle: the polished metal shaft sets off the pure white and black, while the varnish adds a trendy gloss to this series.

  • Basic

    This series derives its name from a purist language of form. The writing implements made of fine cedar wood, poplar wood, or chrome were successfully introduced some time ago and play an important part in Faber-Castell’s aesthetic assortment for discerning users. The new Basic Black models now set a superior tone: the fountain pen, ball-point pen and roller-ball pen have barrels made of carbon fibre, carbon fibre with mother of pearl, or leather The ribbed grip zone is in a matching colour. An edition to enhance any desk!

  • Leather accessories

    The new Design leather accessories make elegant companions to our writing implements. Fine Italian calfskin is butt-jointed and perfectly stitched. With their ingenious construction and plentiful details, these accessories are both practical and beautiful.
    Glossy patent leather always catches the eye. The leather is lacquered and then polished in several stages to create a clear glossy finish with vibrant colours that is a pleasure to touch.
    The python embodies all the fascination of the exotic. Its markings are a unique creation of nature. The look and feel of this natural patterning is painstakingly recreated on leather using printing and embossing techniques.

Faber-Castell’s “General Writing” field of competence complements the modern office or study in the form of functional writing implements for taking notes, sketching, and correcting texts. Besides function and attractive design, Faber-Castell also sees its strategic strength in focusing on intelligent additional benefits for the consumer: for example, the non-slip grip zone on the “GRIP 2001” pencils. This strategy of providing a “point of difference” has given the company a leading position in many markets.

  • The classic green black-lead pencils

    Back in 1905 the legendary green CASTELL 9000 pencil was created by Count Alexander von Faber-Castell and is still known worldwide today. In its jousting knights design, the CASTELL 9000 has always stood for high quality, tradition and invincibility. Other writing instruments as well as cutting-edge erasers and sharpeners in matching colours round off this specific product range.

  • The GRIP family

    The legendary GRIP family is living proof that improvements are always possible, even with regard to something as simple as a wooden pencil. The ergonomic triangular cross-section with the non-slip ‘dots‘ turns the GRIP approach into a unique concept. It all began with the GRIP 2001 lead pencil and was further developed to include the Colour GRIP and the Jumbo GRIP coloured pencils for kids, the ART GRIP pencils for amateur artists up to the GRIP 2011 retractable ballpoints, mechanical pencils and gel ink rollers for use at schools, universities, at home and at work – in fact there is something for everyone.

  • Pencil sharpeners

    The Faber-Castell assortment of sharpeners comprises a multitude of high-quality metal and plastic sharpeners designed for perfectly sharpening lead pencils, coloured pencils, Jumbo or artists’ pencils. Moreover, ruggedly-designed sharpening machines are available.
    In terms of colour and design many sharpeners match the high-quality erasers and, thus, result in the perfect eraser-pencil sharpener combination. An ideally sharpened pencil requires regular replacement of the sharpening knife and/or sharpener.

  • High-quality erasers

    The Faber-Castell plastic erasers for lead and coloured pencils are ergonomically shaped, precise and smudge-free. Moreover, these high-quality erasers are PVC-free. Some have even won awards for their innovative design. To round off this specific assortment, Faber-Castell offers natural rubber and vinyl erasers which are even capable of erasing ink.
    Apart from its classic pencils, Faber-Castell has created a multitude of different shapes and colours – all the way from an eraser cap that can be put over the top of a pencil to an eraser available in a practical sleeve for keeping it clean and ensuring easier handling.

  • Mechanical pencils

    The advantage of mechanical pencils is that they do not require sharpening like woodcase pencils. Faber-Castell has long been the German market leader in this segment. Numerous ergonomically designed mechanical pencils are available in a multitude of different shapes and colours – no matter whether for (technical) drawing and/or writing and sketching.

  • Ballpoint pens

    Faber-Castell offers both classic ballpoint pens with refills as well as disposable pens, most of them being document-proof, i.e. non-fading and waterproof.
    Apart from its own ergonomically designed products, Faber-Castell also sells the professional uni-ball line by Mitsubishi.

  • Fineliners

    Fineliners are ideal for precise drawing and sketching. Faber-Castell fineliners are available in various colours and also lend themselves to signing deeds and contracts as they are document-proof.

The logical extension of the market position in the “Marking” field of competence is backed up by a wide range of products. For example, the versatile MULTIMARK pens write reliably on CDs, plastic document sleeves and overhead transparencies, glass, aluminium, or wood. Thanks to the built-in eraser, corrections can be made at any time. The colourful “Textliner” highlighters keep going for miles and miles. They can be very simply refilled with environment-friendly water-based ink.

  • Permanent & non-permanent marker pens

    Faber-Castell Multimark pens with integrated special erasers are not only ideal for permanent marking – they also write reliably on nearly all smooth surfaces, transparencies and even CDs. Depending on the required purpose the pens are available in various permanent and non-permanent ink colours and the widths S, M and F. All Multimark inks dry within seconds and leave sharp edges. However, should there be a need to remove some of the marks, the integrated special eraser can even fully erase permanent marks from all smooth surfaces.

  • Highlighters

    Textliners 1546 and 1548 ensure excellent marking in the three line widths 1 mm, 2 mm and 5 mm – depending on the angle in which the pen is held. Universal water-based ink ensures durable, super-fluorescent marking. But also lovers of hand-held writing implements will get their fill: The woodcase textliner 1148 in a GRIP design excels through its ergonomic triangular shape and its characteristic, non-slip grip zone consisting of raised dots made from environmentally-friendly water-based paint.

  • Whiteboard markers

    The ingenious marker pens are increasingly favoured over standard blackboard chalk. They do not squeak on coated boards, but may also be used on transparencies. Marks can be easily removed with a dry cloth and users do no longer require a damp sponge. Moreover, their water-based ink/alcohol ink is environmentally friendly and odourless. Also ideal for school and office use.

Premium art materials for professional and aspiring artists, students and craftersh. The Art & Graphic line offers the absolute finest art materials for professional artists. High quality materials are used to develop products with superior performance in regard to smooth color, lightfastness and pigmentation. Faber -Castell’s unique color matching system ensures that all colours match across the board for all media types.

  • PITT artist pens

    In many countries, ink drawings have a very long history among artists. Their expressive power, covering properties, resistance to ageing as well as the possibility of combining them with many other painting techniques have always made this medium interesting for artists and graphic designers. Faber -Castell has brought together all of the advantages of drawing in Indian ink in a modern and uncomplicated disposable pen – the PITT artist pen. The high-quality brush point works both straight and bent without breaking. While the light colours are transparent and, thus, well-suited to varnishing techniques, the dark colours have good covering qualities. PITT artist pens have unsurpassed light-fastness and the individual colours are marked with an asterisk-based code.

  • Polychromos artists’ colour pencils

    Polychromos artists’ colour pencils are valued for their matchless quality by professional artists around the world. Their high standard ensures that Polychromos artists colour pencils are ideal for use in the graphic arts, for free artistic expression, and for the precise colouring of plans. Faber-Castell’s quality standards are applied consistently throughout the manufacturing process. Top-quality materials, combined with our long experience, ensure that Polychromos artists’ colour pencils have extremely break-resistant leads, maximum light-fastness, the most vivid colours and optimal paintability, along with many other advantages valued by professional artists.

  • Albrecht Duerer artists’ watercolour pencil

    Albrecht Duerer artists’ watercolour pencils provide artists with great versatility of expression when drawing, shading and painting in water colours. High-quality materials combined with Faber-Castell’s experience have resulted in pencils that produce unsurpassed watercolour effects. The coloured surface can be transformed with only a few fine or broad brushstrokes to reveal the full and unique power of the colours. Depending on the paper being used, the pigments can be completely dissolved, and will then behave in the same way as classic water colour paints: The paint becomes permanent when dry, enabling other layers of colour to be superimposed without causing it to dissolve again. For this reason, many watercolour artists choose to use the pencils for the fine details in their watercolour paintings, as well as for watercolour sketches while travelling.

  • Polychromos artists’ pastels

    Polychromos artists’ pastels contain a high level of pigment, and are free of lubricants and wax. The crayons can be smudged to create fine transitions of colour. Harder than the soft pastel crayons, Polychromos crayons are also well suited to drawing. The square cross-section assists in the drawing of very fine details, as well as the shading of larger areas. Polychromos artists’ pastels are characterised by their stable consistency, economy of use and excellent adherence to paper, cardboard, wood and stone. Only minimal fixing is required, ensuring that the pastel drawings retain their vividness of colour. Polychromos artists’ pastel crayons can be ground into a fine pigment powder using sandpaper, and then mixed with oil, resin or an acrylic medium to form paint.

  • PITT artists’ pastel pencils

    PITT artists’ pastel pencils, with their oil-free pastel leads, are used by artists not only as the perfect complement to pastel crayons for elaborating fine details, but also on their own. Many artists who enjoy pastel techniques and their versatility, but not the dirty hands and coloured dust that accompany them, have opted to use these special pencils. PITT pastel pencils have a very compact lead which is economical to use. The lead contains a high level of pigment, making the pencils ideally suited both to drawing lines and shading, as well as blending and merging into delicate colour transitions. The colour selection in this range places a particular emphasis on the muted shades and earth tones that are especially important for pastel drawing.

  • PITT Monochrome artists’ pencils and crayons

    The monochrome colours of sanguine and sepia can be found in life drawing classes at almost every art school. Enhanced with white, and with the shadows deepened with black, they lend vitality, liveliness and expression to the drawings. This old tradition of figure drawing dates back to the Renaissance. Faber-Castell’s PITT monochrome crayons hark back to this long tradition of figure drawing, which is why the crayons designed for sketching are harder than conventional pastel crayons. For this reason, the lines do not disappear completely when smudged. The sanguine and sepia crayons are supplemented by oil-free and oil-based drawing pencils for sketching details and lines.

  • PITT Monochrome charcoal

    Natural charcoal is the oldest sketching and drawing material in the world. The greyish-blue shade glides softly across the paper, rubs and smudges easily, and can be erased without difficulty and repeatedly overlaid. Many art students are taught first to make sketches in natural charcoal, even when working on canvas, before further elaborating the details of the picture. Faber-Castell has developed two further products based on this classic drawing material, namely pressed charcoal sticks and pressed charcoal pencils. Ground natural charcoal is enriched with black pigment, and then compressed with clay to form a crayon. This results in a significantly blacker shade, which is available in 5 different grades of hardness.

  • PITT Monochrome Graphite

    The PITT Graphic range provides all creative artists with an extensive assortment of pencils and crayons in different grades of hardness for sketching, graphic design and shading work. The “green pencil from Faber”, which was already being mentioned with approval by Van Gogh and Goethe, has now become part of everyday life. The 16 different grades of hardness range from a delicate grey hue to a deep graphite black, and offer artists a wide range of possibilities. The Graphite Pure leads are ideal for creating contrasts and shading extended areas. These pencils offer unparalleled possibilities for spontaneous expression, creating different effects based on the pressure applied and grade of hardness. The pencils are sharpened in the same way as a normal lead pencil. The graphite crayons are an ideal and very economical medium for working on very large sketches and areas.

The Playing & Learning range of products is specifically designed keeping in mind the creative instincts of young artists. It consists of high quality products engineered to inspire creativity and imagination among young children aged between 2 and 13. Furthermore, these products are manufactured using non-toxic raw materials that are safe, and feature design cues that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of young artists.


  • Color Pencils

    Faber-Castell’s Colour Pencils are specially manufactured with the use of high quality colour blends in order to consistently produce the best results. The pencils have a 3.3mm thick lead which is specially treated with a non-toxic bonding process to improve resistance against breakage.

  • Watercolour Pencils

    Faber-Castell’s Watercolour pencils are a testimony to our legacy of innovation; the touch of a wet paint brush onto seemingly shaded paper dissolves the colours into brilliant shades of watercolour. Thereby creating a functionalblend of pencils & watercolour.

  • Jumbo Crayons

    Faber-Castell Crayons use non-toxic colours and are certified as “Safe for Children” by CE standards. The special production processes make them very durable and helps them survive the daily wear and tear subjected to all childrens products. Not only do they last long, they also consistently produce rich colours.

  • Oil Pastels (Jumbo Design)

    Faber-Castell Oil Pastels are specially manufactured with the use of high quality color blends and oil based pigmets to consistently produce the best results. The oil pastels are made out of non toxic raw materials and are resistant to breakage. The Jumbo range is available in two sizes: 12 & 24.


  • Connector Pens

    Faber-Castell Connector Pens have superior ink fill and reservoir size and feature brilliant water-based non toxic colors. Special airtight ‘Click Seals’ also help the pens to last long. Unique child-safe connector caps are easy to store and help spur the imagination to create clever designs.Connector Pens manufactured by Faber-Castell are all non-toxic and certified as “safe for Children” under the CE. Not only do they produce rich colours, they are also easily washable in case they stain hands or clothing.

  • Creative Activity Set

    – Fingerprinting Art
    – Mulberry Fibre Paint Art
    – Jumbo Connector Pen Canvas Set

The Faber-Castell assortment for Technical Drawing – high-quality drawing instruments that are precise and easy to use. Drawing boards, stencils, rulers and squares are made of tough materials and especially well finished.They are perfectly complemented by high-quality drawing pens, compasses, clutch pencils and other mechanical pencils and accessories like China ink, erasers and sharpeners.

  • Drawing boards

    Faber-Castell drawing boards are available in various designs as A4 and A3 boards. They are made of top-quality plastic materials which are impact and break-resistant and highly rugged so that they cannot be damaged by compass needles. The quick release paper clamp is super-strong and, thus, able to hold several sheets of paper securely. Moveable parallel rulers and drawing heads with adjustable angles allow precise drawing of parallel lines and angles.

  • Technical drawing pens

    It’s child’s play to complete and refine a lead pencil sketch with the precise, reliable and easy-to-use Faber-Castell drawing pens which are equipped with stainless steel tips. Archiving drawings and sketches over a longer period of time is unproblematic due to the light-fastness of the water-soluble, document-proof inks available in nine different shades.

  • Rulers & stencils

    Rulers and letter stencils are important tools for producing and labelling drawings, in particular technical drawings. Since the letters and characters in sketches must be extremely precise and clean, letter stencils help transfer these letters and characters onto a surface while ensuring a correct and proper layout. Rulers and letter stencils are made from plastic materials and cellulose compounds.

  • Compasses

    Quality and functionality combined with sophisticated design – this is the motto of the Faber-Castell company. Even with regard to compasses, the market leader keeps abreast of the latest trends. However, apart from trendy designs, Faber-Castell also offers rugged technology: Robust gear wheels, firm central wheel spindles, easily adjustable legs as well as non-slip needles and lead clamps for exact lines are standard features of all Faber-Castell compasses.

Creative Studio is a range for adults who need drawing and colouring materials at college or for their work, who are perhaps put off by the childhood associations of Faber-Castell’s “Playing and Learning” range, but on the other hand want an alternative to the professional artists’ materials in the “Art & Graphic” range. But it’s just as much aimed at creative amateur artists who would like quality products for their hobby, or to give as presents.

  • Art GRIP Aquarelle

    A damp paintbrush will create fabulous watercolour effects on any motif or pattern composed with Art GRIP Aquarelle pencils. Ideal for precise drawing and superior to standard watercolour paints. Art GRIP leads contain a high level of pigment and are well suited to creative design on any type of paper or cardboard. But even clay pottery, stone and satined glass are no “taboo” surfaces.

  • Art GRIP

    Colour pencils are real multi-talents when it comes to quickly putting funny decorating or gift ideas into practice. Nearly all surfaces can be used for creative endeavours. A special feature of the Art GRIP pencils is their ergonomic triangular cross-section with the patented grip zone which consists of hundreds of raised dots. The latter allow you to guide the pencil accurately without it slipping through your fingers. Remarkable: Art GRIP pencils show excellent adherence to a multitude of surfaces – even clay pottery or satined glass!

  • Oil pastels

    Oil-based pastel crayons are highly versatile. They provide optimal coverage and extremely vivid colours due to their high concentration of pigments. Their smooth texture ensures soft and effortless colour deposit. These high-quality oil-based pastel crayons are ideal for classic uses (e.g. sgraffito) as well as all sorts of blending techniques. Suitable for use on all paper types and colours, cardboard, canvas and even on wood and clay pottery.

  • Soft pastel crayons

    Soft pastel crayons have extremely intense colours, a soft colour deposit and are very easy to mix and blend using your fingers. The brilliant, vivid results achieved make them ideal for amateur artists, school art lessons and creative handicraft enthusiasts. Soft pastel crayons are well suited to different types of paper (e.g. flock paper), but fantastic effects can also be achieved on other surfaces. Beautiful colour transitions, intense luminosity and brilliant colours – just try it out! Fun guaranteed!