Over the past 70 years, UHU Alleskleber has always been the leading adhesive used throughout Europe. It has become the by-word for adhesives in Germany and Austria. Over this period, a wide range of adhesives has grown up around the crystal-clear adhesive in the yellow tube that made the company so famous, so that there is a UHU adhesive to solve (nearly) all problems involving sticking. The UHU range meets all user requirements and covers all areas of applications, from kindergarten to the office, from hobby craft work to DIY, and from manual work to industry.

The name UHU is currently carried by more than 540 dedicated employees of the modern production plant at the company’s headquarters in Bühl, as well as in Wolfen (Germany) and Mexico, subsidiaries in Europe and elsewhere, and distribution partners in more than 120 countries around the world. Exports represent over 60% of the company’s turnover. UHU will continue to look to the increasingly specific expectations of its users and offer innovative solutions that make using adhesives easier and produce sure results, in keeping with its motto – when it’s needed, UHU really sticks everything. The product range consists of Adhesive sticks, tubes, bottles and other glue accessories.

UHU will give additional information as required.