DSB is being established in Taiwan since 1985 focusing on manufacturing and export of Punch Binding Machine, Laminator, Paper Cutter, Paper Shredder & Accessories for book binding system. We offer unique product designs, innovative service and providing best customer values to meet our Global Market customer requirements.

We have expanded our manufacturing bases to China since 1990 where we have the best cooperation of our Taiwan R&D & QC team & the Local Production Management team to raise our competitive strength to the Global Markets.

Our segments of the markets are booming as the demands of digital camera & high quality printing are growing tremendously and so for the After Printing service. Besides offering heavy duty equipment & machines for the commercial markets, we are now developing & launching the DIY product series into the SOHO markets.

Providing complete solution and innovative service is our mission and our goal to offer more than best value to our customers. Our unique design and best quality products can assist you in upgrading the Competitive in your markets which is also the key to establish our cooperation from customers to partners in near future.


  • Binding Machines
  • Photo Laminator
  • Paper Shredder
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Trimmer Cutter
  • Mobile Locker
  • WiAir
  • Time Recorder

DSB will give additional information as required.